Gold-toned anodized aluminum, found in interior spaces and the crystalline rooftop volume.

Val av fasad

We wanted a metallic tone to complement our design concept of “The Crystal” (Kristallen), which integrates the geometric volumes seen on the top of the building as a reference to Kiruna’s geological roots and reliance on the Kiruna iron mine. The outer volume is a white natural stone, which contrasts the striking gold of the inner volume and suits the snowy landscape surrounding the building.

Inspiration till fasad

We designed the form to reference the crystalline structure of iron minerals.

Val av bearbetning

The gold-toned aluminum has been anodized.

Fasadens förändringsprocess

We do not anticipate dramatic change to the building material over time, short of the natural accumulation of dirt and debris. If the building is properly cleaned and maintained, we expect it will retain the appearance it does now.

Takavvattning & Taksäkerhet

Water flows through interior channels and directly into storm drains, so as to avoid storm gutters and rainwater channels interrupting the outer appearance of the façade. Roof safety had to factor in the frequent need for snow clearance off the roof, given the local climate – For this we have installed a cable track that runs around the circumference of the roof, so that workers can clip in with a safety harness for added security.

TALARE Martin Stenberg
Kiruna stadshus, Kristallen
ARKITEKTBYHenning Larsen

Kristallen av Henning Larsen. Foto: Hufton+Crow